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Nursery Grants Sheffield - Childcare

Nursery Grants & Free Places

The grant system can be quite daunting and confusing for parents especially if this is for your first child.

We try to support parents with this process by ensuring they have full knowledge of how free funding places work.

There are two types of funding.

2 Year Free Early Learning Places  (sometimes known as 2 Year FEL)

Your child maybe eligible for 15 free funded hours per week during term time. This is 38 weeks in total over the year.

There are three terms over a year
Spring term
Summer term
Autumn term.

The dates of these may differ each year and your nursery will be able to inform you of these.

If your child is eligible for 2 year funding they will receive this the term after their second birthday. To find out if your child can gain 2 year funding contact the Sheffield Council on 0114 2734567. You will be informed if you are eligible and this will be confirmed by a letter from the local authority. Parents need to take this letter to their chosen nursery and will be asked to complete a simple form to enable the process to be complete.

Please note that not all children are eligible for free funding when they are 2 years of age. The local authority will be able to inform accordingly.

3 Year Nursery Grant Funding (sometimes known as 3 Year FEL)

All children who are 3 years of age are entitled to 15 hours free funding per week in nursery during term time.

In our pre-school room children can access their 15 funded hours per week the term after their third birthday, preparing them for the next step to school.

Parents can choose which nursery they would like their child to attend until they go to school. Session times may differ for each nursery. At Woodhouse Nursery we recommend that 15 funded hours are taken over three sessions as we believe that this enables children’s learning and development to thrive. However we fully appreciate that every family’s situations are different and we will try to accommodate alternative sessions wherever possible. Please contact us to find out more.

Parents can choose to spilt their child’s funded hours between two settings, please inform both settings if you wish to do this.

If you are wanting your child to attend our nursery using their 2year or 3 year funding, we will ask you to complete a simple form, and ask you each term to inform us of any changes. Its as easy as that.

Woodhouse Nursery is open all year round except for bank holidays. If you would like your child to attend during non funded weeks (usually during school holidays) you are welcome to do so and this will be charged at our normal nursery fees.

How do I know when my child’s funding will begin?

Your child will receive their funded hours the term after either their second or third birthday.

If your child’s birthday is between
 1st January -31st March funding would begin at the start of the Summer term (usually during April)
1st April-31st August funding would begin at the start of the Autumn term (usually beginning of September)
1st September -31st December funding would begin at the start of Spring term (usually beginning of January)

What happens when there is no grant?
If you would like your child to still attend during a week when there is no funding you are welcome to do so, however this will be charged at our normal hourly rate.(See our fees for this) If you do not wish to attend the nursery when there is no funding please let us know when filling out your grant form.

Administering the free places
Before the beginning of each term we will ask you to let us know on a simple form what days you would like to attend and at what time during funded weeks and non funded weeks. Also what days and times you use your free hours at an other nursery if applicable, so we don’t apply for more funding than we are entitled to.

At the beginning of each term we will advise the LEA’s of the number of free sessions you wish to claim.

If you currently only use the nursery for less than 15 hours a week over three days then you are missing out on free hours. If it is your day off why not use the hours and have some time to yourself safe in the knowledge that your child is learning through play.

You need to advise the office if you are using some or all of your free hours at a local school and using the nursery on other days.

Remember staff ratios in Nursery are 1:8 compared with 1:13 in most local schools.

For further information please either Email: info@woodhousenursery.co.uk or alternatively call 0114 269 3929 and ask for Lisa or Tina

'Nursery Grants'

Hours of Opening are Monday - Friday 8am-6pm



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